Top Engineered Pump Stations

In conjunction with Xylem/Flygt, we have designed a basic, more cost effective pump station in  4′, 5′ and 6′ diameters with depths up to 20 feet. These all include Flygt’s patented T.O.P. style basins. Although a number of options are still available for these tanks, they are more basic in design without some of the complex options offered in our custom or larger ones. Depending on the site conditions, they may be installed without a base concrete pad. A built in anti-floatation ring may suffice.


Features & Benefits

  • Built for life in FRP, as compared to concrete
  • Filament wound for maximum stiffness and buckling strength
  • A more cost effective solution when a basic application is required
  • A sanitary white, smooth interior provides great visibility and ease of cleaning
  • Can be installed with smaller equipment
  • Option for field installed nozzles available
  • Due to size restriction, can be transported long distances cheaper by enclosed trailer (LTL)
  • Pre-fab means minimal site time as compared to on site fabrication


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